Mobile Marketing Secrets Revealed

9 Strategies to Help Your Business Laser Target Prospects and Sell More

“The mobile phone is our lifeline.  It is our gateway to the world.  It is our digital DNA.”

So begins the first chapter of Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing, by Bob Bentz, president of mobile-first digital agency Purplegator.

King of Prussia, PA – Today, author Bob Bentz announced that he will be giving away the first chapter to his new 354 page book, Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing for free. Marketers that want to download the first chapter of the book should visit:

The book covers all aspects of mobile marketing and is broken down into nine chapters covering the most important aspects of mobile marketing today.

  1. Introduction to Mobile (FREE!)
  2. Advantages of Mobile
  3. Mobile-Optimized Websites
  4. Text Message Marketing
  5. Social Media
  6. Mobile Advertising
  7. Mobile Apps
  8. Mobile Commerce
  9. The Future of Mobile

Although Bentz is an adjunct teaching a graduate level course in mobile marketing, what you won’t find in this book is a lot of academia and philosophizing. Therefore, you won’t have to read about lots of mobile generalities and theories. What you’ll get with this mobile marketing book is proven strategies from an author that lives mobile marketing every day. It is his passion. It is his livelihood.

The problem with books on subjects such as mobile marketing is that they are so soon outdated. Bentz solves this problem by offering a website that keeps the reader updated on the latest statistics and information about the fluid and ever-changing world of mobile marketing. So, the book will never be outdated like many others that are on the market.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for Relevance Raises Response. The book can be purchased at and An ebook is also available at for $19.95.

About Relevance Raises Response: Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing provides 354 pages of actionable tips to help your business sell more with mobile marketing. The book is a how to that covers everything mobile from the most complex (apps development) to the most simple (SMS marketing). After reading it, the savvy marketer will come away with numerous strategies to help promote her business.

About Bob Bentz: Bob Bentz is president of Advanced Telecom Services – a 27-year-old interactive marketing company located in Philadelphia with offices in Toronto, London, and Prague. The company operates a mobile technology company, ATS Mobile, and a mobile marketing agency, Purplegator. Bentz is an adjunct at the University of Denver where he teaches a graduate level course in mobile marketing.

How Much Would Your Business Have Made Last Year If All of Your Marketing Reached Your Best Customers?

The mobile phone is our lifeline. It is our gateway to the world. It is our digital DNA. 

Marketing is an ongoing contest for people’s attention, and mobile provides the mechanism that, in the history of promotion, is the closest a brand has ever been able to get to its customer.

In Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing, mobile marketing industry veteran Bob Bentz takes an extremely broad subject called “mobile” and makes it understandable for marketers. He delivers it in snack sized portions over nine chapters covering everything from SMS text message marketing to apps development and how to effectively target a brand’s best customers via mobile advertising.

It is the laser-focused targeting advantages of mobile marketing, however, where the book especially shines. Bentz gives insights into the unprecedented targeting advantages that mobile offers over traditional media. Through effective use of geo-targeting, demographic targeting, and interest targeting, mobile is able to deliver your brand’s message to the right person, at the right time, and when the customer is most likely to buy. When done right, with mobile marketing, there is absolutely NO WASTE in your promotional efforts.

“How to implement your own mobile strategy is what I hope you will glean from the pages.” — Bob Bentz