Mobile Marketing and Its Importance with Bob Bentz

Everyone has a mobile device which is almost always within reach. We live in the mobile age and if you are a marketer who isn’t tapping into these devices, you are a step behind. However, you can catch up by reading Bob Bentz’s 354 page book, Relevance Raises Response: How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing. You will learn about everything related to mobile starting with the simplest form, text message marketing, and ending with the most complex, apps development.

In this interview, Bob talks about how he came up with the title, where he got the inspiration to write the book, and what the reader will learn as they progress through the fast paced chapters.

The chapters include Introduction to Mobile, Advantages of Mobile, Mobile-Optimized Websites, Text Message Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Apps, Mobile Commerce and The Future of Mobile.

Watch the informative interview below.