Bentz Talks Mobile Marketing on The SkillBites Show

Bob’s book, Relevance Raises Response, was published by SkillBites and he was invited to be interviewed for their podcast, The SkillBites Show. Judy and Bob discuss many of the topics covered in his book. They talk about SMS text message marketing, social media advertisements, app development and the importance of having a mobile optimized site.

Bentz is the president of Advanced Telecom Services that was founded in 1989. The company started in the IVR, interactive voice response, business and has since evolved as technology changes. The next move was into text message marketing, which is one of the most cost effective form of advertising. Today, ATS still offers IVR and text message marketing but has expanded to social and mobile advertising, web design and app development. No matter the company’s budget, ATS will reach your target consumers on their most personal device, the mobile phone.

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