Relevance Raises Response     |     How to Engage and Acquire with Mobile Marketing

"A Mobile Marketing Book Like No Other"

"The book confirmed to me why mobile works better for us than newspapers or online."

Peggy Kelley, Papa John's Pizza

"Enjoy the book. Study its contents. Implement the strategies and grow your business."

Chester Elton, The Apostle of Appreciation, and best selling author

"If you want to understand mobile marketing & increase your business as I did, look no further."

Valerie Crapeau, Toll Apartment Group

"Bob Bentz is a thought leader in mobile marketing. In this book you will learn how to enact a mobile strategy that is relevant in today's evolving marketing landscape."

Jennifer Galle, Valley Forge Casino

"Brilliant and encyclopedic in scope. Should be a university textbook!"

Dr. Michael Cowpland, former president & CEO, Corel

"Anyone who has the word 'marketing' associated with their title or has such responsibilities within their company should view this book as a must read."

Bret Dunlap, Autobytel

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