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President of ATS Mobile & Purplegator

Bob Bentz is the president of Advanced Telecom Services, Inc., established in 1989, with offices in suburban Philadelphia, Toronto, London, and Prague.

Bentz helped lead the team from a startup, with no outside investment, to a multi-national company with $62.2 million in annual sales.

Today, in addition to operating as the parent company Advanced Telecom Services, the company operates under the name ATS Mobile (its technology provider) and Purplegator (its agency and consulting solutions entity).

Consumer interactivity has been the common element in the four decades of the company’s existence.  Over the years, Bentz has seen the business continue to thrive while serving the same markets—advertisers, agencies, brands, and media.  What has changed, however, has been the evolution of the medium in which the interactivity has been delivered which he has seen evolve from the landline phone, to the internet, and most recently to the  mobile phone.

The author got his start in mobile in 2002.  After visiting the company office in London, he learned about a cool, new phenomenon going on in the United Kingdom called “ringtones.”  Keep in mind that in 2002, the UK and the rest of Europe was three or four years ahead of North America in terms of mobile.  

While the company had missed its opportunity in the UK market for ringtones, it vowed that it would not miss the opportunity in the United States.  So, the company established two of the first ringtone sites in the United States—RingingPhone and MonsterTones.  The ringtone business was ultimately sold to the publicly traded Zim Corporation.  Zim’s CEO is Dr. Michael Cowpland, founder of Mitel and Corel.

After the sale, ATS was left with the knowledge, expertise, and technology in being able to deliver information and entertainment to the mobile phone.  So, it decided that it would branch into offering mobile marketing solutions, specifically SMS text message marketing, through its and (Canada) sites which are still operational today.  Like most companies that have been in the mobile marketing game since the beginning, text message marketing was where most of them started.

Today, the company provides all things mobile, from the most complex of things (apps development) to the simplest (SMS) and everything in-between such as geo-targeted mobile advertising.

This is the second book written by Bob Bentz.  The first book “Opportunity is Calling: How to Start Your Own 900 Number” was written in 1993 and can be found at

Bentz resides in suburban Philadelphia.  He is a loyal season ticket holder to the Phillies, Eagles, and West Virginia Mountaineers.  He is also a baseball coach who has coached six players who have gone on to play professionally.  He loves backpacking and fostering rescue dogs until they find their fur-ever homes.

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